The first train leaves the station!

Thanks for joining us!

Amtrak is a guild created by the former leadership of Twisted Legion/Twisted Legacy/ Asylum of Shadows/ Relentless Insomnia (with some wonderful Citizens joining as well). We are a hardcore guild. Formed for the sole purpose of being number 1 on the server. The leaders of this guild have crushed every guild they’ve gone against in all prior TLPs. This is the 20th anniversary guild of champions, all other guilds are just impersonating.

We were the Number 1 guild on:
Fippy (TLegion/Citizen)
Ragefire (Tlegacy)
Phinny (Asylum of Shadows[WT]/OGC)
Coirnav (Relentless Insomnia)
Quarm (Vape Nation – Winners)

We raid a ton and put a heavy emphasis on being the best at your class you can be. If you want to experience all the content in an efficient and effective manner, this is your guild.

What server will we be going to?
Selos server

What timezone is your guild?
There will be raids in all time zones, so anyone is welcome.

Whats your loot system?
Open bid dkp with only a few restrictions on items (again dependent on the rule set)
Second mains (Patented AoS style)

Will you batphone?

What will your attendance requirements be like?
Minimal, as long as you can contribute you can be in the guild

Do you have any rules?
1. If a raid is called, you must attend if you are online (no obligation to log in though if you aren’t)
2. Look out for your guild mates. The guild comes first, if someone needs help at a camp, you help them, etc.

What can I expect from this guild?
Fast progression, lots of raiding, all the gear you could ever want.

What if I haven’t played in awhile?
If you have the time to play with us and are willing to learn, we will teach you how to play. We wont hand hold, but we will make sure you get the information you need to become a top tier player.

What if I can only commit to a few nights per week?

There is always room for people who can only raid a few nights. Even at 50% RA you will end most expansions with full best in slot gear.

How long are raids generally?

Most raids are extremely fast. We like to make alts and do pick up raids, so we finish our main stuff as quickly as possible. There are several hundred people in our discord who can tell you that our guild is without a doubt the most organized and fastest ever on a TLP.

I want to play but I don’t know many people, can I still join?

Yes, we are highly organized. If you join in time for launch you will be placed in a leveling group with other people that have similar play times to yourself. The earlier you join and fill out our sign up sheet the easier it will be for you. We have a strong focus on grouping within the guild, to insure you don’t get stuck leveling with dead weight.

I have 14 children that watch all the text on my screen and listen to chat, are you a safe for work guild?

No, we are awful and foul mouthed. You will laugh, cry, yell, maybe even love in our guild. But it will be the most fun you’ve had in this old game.


Amtrak, the greatest guild in 20 years will be joining us on the anniversary – Holly Longdale